Together for Life collaborates with the KIPRC: Kenya Independent Protestant Reformed Church

The KIPRC is a small and relatively new church. Currently their membership consists of 65 families, including 110 children and youth. Two pastors work together with six elders and seven deacons. There are two church buildings, in Nyamaramba and Mogenda. Small building with walls made of clay.

(pictures) church buildings in Mogenda (r) and Nyamaramba (l)

Up until last year the pastor had to walk from the one town to the other. Last year Jared was supported from the Netherlands in buying a motorbike, which saves him a lot of time (and his back!)


Activities in the congregation

  1. Church services

In the church service hymns are sung in English, Swahili and the Kisii language. Jared has translated the Heidelberg Catechism from English into Kisii.

  1. Bible study groups and catechism lessons
  2. Christian courses
  3. Evangelisation projects

The main aim of the KIPRC-Mission is: ‘to reach the unreached’ with the gospel.

Each year evangelisation activities are realised somewhere in Kisii. Church members (including youth) are educated for the task.

  1. Farming projects

Through small scale projects money is earned by church members in order to be as financially independent as possible

  1. Charity projects

With money and through help in kind (for example corn) people in need are being supported. Support has been provided a number of times for areas suffering from famine and with calamities.

The KIPRC is confronted with needs through:

–        Lack of theological education

–        Poverty

–        HIV/aids

–        Lack of medical facilities

–        Many financial shortages

They view this as challenges. For that reason also an education centre is now being built.



Church in Mogenda:021_18A 20151129_102722

Churg in Nyamarambe:87 (3)021_18A