Construction for Life


At the church in Nyamarambe construction work has started on the education centre. This is the right time: summer holiday has started and the harvest is done, so many members of the KIPRC congregation can help prepare the site for building. Including the youth.
De work is done by a contractor, but church members help where they can. In that way they hope to prevent the costs from running too high. The foundation has been laid. The second phase, the actual construction work, can begin.
How are the building costs covered?
In Kenya people are used to paying in kind, giving building materials as well as harvest products (corn). Financial support for the building project is provided from the Netherlands by Together for Life foundation.
Around 7.000 Euros have been donated or pledged. To finish and furnish the building we are currently 3.000 Euros short. So that will probably have to wait.
The building is close to the church. The intention is that it will be used for accommodation for course participants (a kitchen, a diner, a room for recreation and a library, as well as sleeping accommodation. For the course classes the church building is available. In this way multiple-day courses can be taught to people living further away.
On our Facebook page you can follow the building work.

Below some pictures of the opening



For pictures of the bulidingprocess  see facebook